How cough city stopped coughing

For awhile there at my first Occupy experience, everyone around me was coughing, coughing up a storm! Well, i introduced Mullien to all. For a few more days there was coughing, and then, miracle of miracles, wow, quite silent!! So, i want to highly recommend Mullien, smoked, or in a tea. Look it up on any natrual herbal remedy sourcebook!

Anyway, i think this will be the last post on this blog, unless i feel like reminiscing about the Occupy’s i was at. But most likely, i’ll focus on the blog whose link is posted in the post below.



This blog now changing over to Unsettles Occupy

Take a look at the updated version of this blog, today!

Basically, the focus of this new blog will be analysis of challenges facing occupiers, especially on the topic of how our programming tends to tool us. As well as “trying on” the input of unsettle groups such as unsettleportland or unsettling america. Trying on such, and “feeling such out”.

Hope you’ll check it out!

See also, the blog i’m putting most energy into on an ongoing basis.

Three websites for critical self-reflection

i think a lot of us are feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the chaos and confusion building up in our Occupy motions. Faced with such, i tend to fall back into critically appraising myself and ideas i find myself “taking for granted”. Here’s a short list of approaches which may aid in thinking through things, generally.

Some interesting links for critical self-reflection: (a generally excellent-looking site!) (has some excelling articles challenging Occupiers to think through our assumptions; see especially Zainab Amadahy’s “Why indigenous and racialized struggles will always be appendixed by the left”  (further in, one comes to some particularly interesting topics to chew on)

possible solutions for human evolutionary beautifulness

Section One of 2 (?) This vision brought to you by aRtz b’tWEen whom hackers may be trying to stupidly alienate *(as per examples of html hacking left on my*. May those whom must mess with my site in this way have the courage to meet me in person sooner than later and share our hearts….!

The following is a bunch of text i wrote about 10 years ago and am slightly editing from the solutions section of the above website. Wish i could make a pdf file of it… Not sure i’m going to successfully print it out tonite…so, wanted to at least share this way. fEeL fReE to print out and share around. Question for you to respond to: too much spoken? ….What would the NYM say? May they share! May they feel honored enough to share with us first and foremost, some day!!!! (even tho i’ve never met any o’ y’all=-=that i know of!) ….i wish to honor indigenous traditional guidelines from all sides of moM EaRth!

**Dissidents should use caution when using spoon-fed/mainstream methods and forms**

angles to consider:
formal organization (informal organization sharing comes later!)

Formal resistance, as the model lives in the popular imagination (and especially the imaginations of institutionally “well-educated” persons (a phrase to ask significant questions of)), brings into our imaginations certain camoflauged angles which we need to scrutinize more carefully if we are to see exactly when we become tooled and fooled.

Let’s take ideology (or, rigid belief system) for a moment:

One must subordinate the “serious” sides (at least) of their individualities to the Given ideology that formal organizations have chosen; usually, this seems to be the political route or program in which the organizational controllers/designers/planners have decided to follow as THE way (and no other way is possible, unless one is prepared to fight, tooth and nail, to have the way finally added someday–a microcosm to what the organiztion is seeking to do in seeking reform in the larger society!).

Formal organization also imposes a conventional imagination of confining concepts like “memberships” and “leaders”, “dues” and “social ettiquette”; and a usually uncritical acceptance of the kind of orthodoxy which provides these models of formal, “reputable”, or what is supposed to be “serious” organization in the first place. (Incidentally, this model has, over and over, proven disasterous to groups not yet allowed “a place at the table”–much less the ‘right’ to negotiate for their independent survival. It’s probably disasterous also for individuals who have gotten stuck in believing that they are making some reformist gains, but let’s save that, too, for another conversation).

(The most pointed examples of this disasterousness for groups not yet allowed “a place at the table”/social appearances of acceptance, has been the continuing havoc wreaked by legal and illegal official covert action upon formal organizations since at least the 1950s; as well as the strange, yet systematic pattern of ignorant naivity of “well-educated” organizers and leaders in these organizations. The best lessons may be gleaned from the f.b.i.’s illegal COINTEL Program; for those into reading, try the websites booklist, or explore William Kunstler’s autobiography (_My Life As A Radical Lawyer_) as well as one by Philip Agee (_On The Run_); see also the anarchist critique of formal organization, via such luminaries as Feral Faun; contact the editor of a certain crucial anarchist publication at

notes to self (?) :  discuss pros/cons of Charlotte Ryan’s media suggestions for social challengers (NOte: media works for insiders and those allowed to “eat at the table”, but not for outsiders and others not allowed to defend themselves).

normal social roles

Part Two:

Spirit liberation and psychological ju-jitsu
crazy people
making sense to you yet?
a personal example: jumping into my fear

(and others edited out by someone else, here)

Spirit liberation and psychological ju-jitsu
Spirit liberation is the uniqueness of our individuality which we had in spades and flying colors when we were less programmed/socialized/conditioned/indoctrinated into the imposed death culture/misery/severe alienation/social order we’ve collectively learned to view as “Reality”. That is, to come back to this again, *when we were “kids”*. The time when we still could allow ourselves to look upon the ‘reality’ all around us and come up with our OWN individual ideas (i.e. “Play”, enthusiasm for living, etc.); and not be completely encircled by others’ imaginations.

Thus, spirit liberation is the action and conscious (as well as intuitive or unconscious) reverting back to times in our beliefs when we come back under control of our own imaginations/self-culture/desired reality. i’ve talked about kids being naturals at this. Another group has not been mentioned: the “crazy” ones.

Crazy people (note: this is theory, my practice is only really beginning, even after so many years; i give room for others,even the status-quo, but caution perpetual falling back on such!)

“Crazy” people are really people who’ve found a way–a kind of self-taught or ‘folk’ way–to deal with their feelings or intuitions of mental *nilness* resulting directly from an intuitive or semi-articulate response to imposed ideas of “Reality” and “The Way Things Are” as such occur everyday in their lives ,,,,Such impositions, or “Norms”, are “Givens” that most people learn to subordinate to as we are all socialized and programmed into “living in society”. “Crazy” people are responding to both general “vibes” and specific warfare directed upon them or the groups in which they identify with.

The people who are doing the imposing are also victims, even though they are in positions of more coercive “power” (often having legally sanctioned “mandates” to force their will on the less prepared people, either by emotional and physical attack, or by imprisonment. (1:;;;; etc.). While these “carers” are assisting in the colonization and re-colonization of their fellows, they ALSO are daily dealing with an inner war; in this way, I include them amongst the “crazy” people–though their “craziness” can fit more into a kind of insanity. Consider Aldous Huxley’s statements on this matter:

“…the rulers of tomorrow’s over-populated and over-organized world will try to impose social and cultural uniformity upon adults and their children. To achieve this end, they will (unless prevented) make use of all the mind-manipulating technques at their disposal…”

In imposing this uniformity, he goes on to say, today’s rulers are seeking to create a kind of “uniform man” (i.e. similar to the “professional” men and women who’ve subordinated their individualities to a religious-like dogma).

 Huxley (and Fromm) are speaking of a humanity that is so severely alienated and lost from their own desires–living lives more balanced with liberating emotion, enthusiasm and creativity–that these people decline from their original vibrant and eager selves and “down” in quality to a kind of apathy, which is all very convenient for today’s rulers and their institutionalized structures.

People at all levels of society are then a prime resource for tooling into the VARIOUS wars that make up our war-oriented society (and world). And those whose HEART intuitively or semi-articulately REBELS can be kept controlled as they are roped with labels, corralled into confining imaginations, and processed “back” to their “Proper Roles” as “Good Citizens”.

This subject would be a good place for more study, because I haven’t seen anything much about this, even in anarchist discourse. Simply, a more detailed study, or “exploded” demystification of the mid-level managers and implementers of policy. I can think of a few points that I tend to want to understand better, and which may assist those interested in these dynamics:

How apathy is jiu-jitsu’d into a way for the implementer ‘class’ to VENT their own consciously and unconsciously suppressed anger at the “Way Things Are”;

  • How they reflect themselves in their authoritarian behavior and confining imagination;
    How this picture fits into the larger picture of people remaining divided and conquered;
    How nature seems to have built in a way for humanity to repel imbalance; in this case, the imbalance advocated by those who push for “objectivity” in Scientific Method, especially in the Social Sciences. (2: see T.Roszak on ‘objectivity’)

Why is it that devoutly “normal” people cannot allow, nor see the value to allow the so-called “mentally ill” people to explore their own personal path as they may wish to explore it? Granted, there are grey areas here, such as the challenge of “crazy” people who attack people physically, yet one thing I note over and over again, is that we don’t get to see the CONTEXTS of why or when people do such attacks; I especially see this phenomenon when society discusses the physical aggression of kids upon parents, without discussing the psychological violence that many parents are well-known for, as they seek to “Do What’s Best” for “their” children. We really need to look this whole situation, this whole framework, because my study inclines me to see it as VERY MUCH a part of the aparatus of colonization and warfare done upon us all.

It ‘boils down’ to an idea where the more the “crazy” person *naturally* seeks balance, either by semi-articulate or intuitive escape from non-inclusive decisions (as often happens with parents and kids), or fakeness or the pain that comes from seeing such all around, the more that professionally-trained “carers” try to impose the Given designs/beliefs/imaginations as an arbitrary remedy. For those most cut-off from authentic caring, then, the end is sometimes a full backing off from ‘reality’ where the hunted one jumps deeply into the chaotic seas of “schizophrenia” (without having any idea of how to swim there, or get out again, and not sure he/she cares to anyway!).

Think about this. It makes a lot of sense. And it also makes a lot of sense that the institutional framework systematically ignores these issues, consistently opting for “other”, quite superficial truths, which remain nonthreatening to the structure of coercion.

So, over and over again, we see people who have *difficulties in living* being told that their situation has nothing to do with society and its frameworks, but everything to do with these (constantly up-dating) superficial things. You read a little bit of history on the social sciences and you start to see a very curious picture. For example, you read about “Why” African Slaves were supposed to be running away from their “Masters” and the psychiatrists of that day had an answer: The Slaves had a mental disorder called “Drapetomania”!

Systematically, our severely alienated society wants those who don’t conform to “adjust” and “adapt” to the “The Way Things Are”. Anyone in their *right mind* will naturally rebell, even if they’re not articulate to their rebellion! Those labeled “crazy” are rebelling, but their less articulate and more chaotic than the majority which can “rebel” quietly, eating, drinking, and academicizing themselves into impossibility. So the actual insight here is that the “crazy” people, in their INSISTENCE, are actually quite valuable, possibly more valuable in certain ways to an evolution of humanity’s Official Mindset, than groups traditionally viewed as being those who’d “lead” the “revolution”.

the Value of “crazy” for human liberation
Where the spirit liberationist can learn from “crazy” people (and “being crazy”) should be obvious by now. “Craziness” is not “sick” (that’s simply an emotionally-potent oversimplification). “Crazy” is a way most of us are already going, if we are “sane” at all! And the difference, which we can make in this is if/when we become articulate to what we are doing and feeling, as opposed to those who are not able, for various reasons of alienation and incomprehension, and consequently fall into a kind of oblivion.

We are all intuitively seeking meaningfulness (or depth), it’s just that most of us lack the praxis (practice and experience) necessary to *articulately* even begin seeking beautifulness in our lives.

If we can educate each other and become articulate and more conscious of our needs to “be Crazy”, perhaps as a PROCESS, or a kind of CEREMONIAL valuing of each other’s excellent intuitions (!), we can LET this natural inclination move from mere “weeds” to a full FLOWERING of our potential. (Because what is “craziness” if not a LANGUAGE seeking to EXPRESS one’s SPIRIT?!!!)

To realize/recognize the SOCIALLY MEANINGFUL VALUE of “letting things all hang out”; to tap into such intuitive “wildness”, to PLAY with –or at least open up this other realm as a legitimate pursuit of– socially “abnormal” concepts in ways not yet mapped by the “Given” political imagination which we now so conveniently subordinate ourselves to!

To go towards this while learning to avoid the worst pit-falls. That is, learning to avoid the severe side of alienation; the place where people not only seem to completely forget themselves (i.e. in the stupor of the classic psychiatric prison inmate), but also everyone else. If, for whatever reason, we are not able to reach and bridge with such people, and they happen to have gotten themselves into “high positions” in society (re: policymakers and planners) to where they are “pragmatically” oriented to the perpetuation of domestic and foreign WAR as method to gain their severely alienated goals, then we are going to find ourselves continually being tooled. We are going to find ourselves stuck in their war, wanting to use “the master’s tools” and always out-flanked and out-manuvered, and out-gunned.

Making sense to you yet?
In liberating ourselves and each other so that we tap back into the ways of our original, individual selves–creating culture (which really is *imagination* in the heart of it) and community which realizes the value of such an endeavor–we merely dare to bring out the artways which we’ve buried (often under heavy armor) deep inside of us, or, as i said earlier, we may’ve forgotten (and may still be remember).

That is, for example, “tooling” methods of being like “craziness” (escape from socialization) and most of what “childhood” (“pre-socialization”) has become, in order to help us informally liberate ourselves from the Imposed “Norms” of fear-stuck mindset which has somehow forgotten the value of intuition and “plethorizing” ‘reality’.

A personal example: jumping into my fear
An example of this is to enter into “an emotional break down” consciously, like I did not long ago. I was depressed and wished to *go into* my depression and “take it by the horns”. For years I had avoided going into its fearful depths. But i was feeling at the end of my rope. i was unsure, in a really heavy way, as to whether i wanted to continue “living” in this reality, on this planet, in this dimension. So, i took matters into my own hands (i didn’t seek the alleged insight–or permission–of the array of professionals around me, nor the models of “support groups”; nor the same old ‘friend’ interactions of ‘how are you?’ ‘i’m fine, and you?’ stuff that i feel so confined by).

i feared living. And i was fearing living for a long, long time, even though i had dealt with certain aspects of that fear. This time, it seemed to “all come to a head”. i also feared death (by my own hand as well as another’s).

So i dared to jump into this fear almost full-throttle, via my inclination and inclination to spiritually use the radically beautiful plant sometimes called gahn-ja (which has a way of enhancing my heavenishly poetic depths), and kept my screaming cries muffled just enough to avoid someone calling the police from outside my home (my home was not your “normal” lifestyle at all, at the time of this writing –years ago!).

And then i proceeded to make calls to all those i intuit have “hearts of gold”–or, enough “gold” in their hearts that they send beautifulness off in ways that i need and want. (the “heart of gold” thing comes from a favorite country song of mine, where a father is talking about his daughter) i dared to be open and direct with everyone, to make a longer story short. i dared to say what i meant and get it across emotionally as well.

And i lived through that. I didn’t lose complete control, and didn’t find myself in a psychiatrick ward or jail cell. And i found some stability and insight, some informal spiritual/spirit liberation (my interpretation of spiritual comes from many traditions along with giving myself permission to create my own as i wish; several in-depth connections to the land and even radical wilderness encounters have also aided my wanting to, and “seeing the value of” walking on what i call my spiritual “path” of discovery and beautifulness). Such is a way for me to continue on joyfully and certainly helped to come back here repeatedly and try finishing this composition for the possible benefit of other humans!

Notably, the forray escaped the “normal” ideological grip, in that i dared to move into what the devoutly “normal” call my “addiction”, instead of automatically avoiding it as “conventional wisdom” would pressure or “advise”. The same view which tells us that if *things are going “bad”–i.e. “a bad trip”–then it’s ‘best’ to avoid them and continue living like “shiney happy people holding hands” (remember that from a song?)*. Yet i see such as too fake. Too lost. Too superficial or shallow. Way below our potential!

Another example: “Good Peasant, Bad Peasant”
Another example would be the essay i wrote called “Good Peasant, Bad Peasant”. Basically, the essay goes over a situation in which a group of people, such as in a neighborhood ghetto which is not being *openly* warred upon (i.e. wouldn’t work in WWII Jewish ghettos), do a little *mass ju-jitsu* with the old “Good Cop, Bad Cop” routine.

In this scenario, the ghettoized group is having trouble with a so-called “public servant” (or allegedly “public-serving” institution) of some sort, and the group decides something must be done. At the same time, they’ve either gotten nowhere via “traditional” modes of allegedly rectifying the situation (i.e. contacting “representatives” or voting), or have learned to have no confidence in this route. The example in the essay was individual police officers whom are not acting with enough respect/professionalism towards people, and how we, the peasantry, can apply a type of crucial classical conditioning upon those whom are out of line yet remain regularly within the ghetto community.

(Note: from here, my editing has stopped, so there may be some problems reading it which are more significant than above. This is certainly a bad seague here, but I don’t have the time to rectify this)

thinking about all this
Notably, we don’t completely “throw out” the wisdom learned from our ventures in the imposed, “traditional”, and now dominant imagination. We utilize what we find valid while tending towards such that is most liberating (in the long run as well as the short), while *continuing* a critical awareness of WHEN such are most liberating and valid.

At the same time, neither do we completely subordinate ourselves/society to the inexperience (in this world) and alleged chaos of persons called children or called crazy, or otherwise corralled and branded in any other way.

We seek the excellent **heart** and beautiful energy of people; not as yet another resource to commodify and exploit, or tool, but as a method or way of doing things which brings out our **COLLECTIVE** indepth needs and desires! Realizing the value of a collective whose individuals are most liberated and inspired!

the problem of the institutional fear
Now, having said all this, there remains the test of the hardest challenge. Testing these ideas in what we believe is “the real world”.

My testing has been on myself and the observation of my fellow beings (humans, etc.) and has touched on heavy situations (like direct emotional/nervous breakdown as well as putting my life on the line for what I see). Testing also comes from comparing my own experience with that of others whose expressions sound convincing. So, a mix of first-hand life experience with second-hand reading and watching.

Next to the direct imposition of the state (and all its institutions, formal and even informal, which automatically subordinate to it), there enters the problem of daring to articulate ourselves versus mindsets which do not value such.

If pressed (or perceiving a threat), the humanbeings whom have subordinated their “professional” lives to the meta game of the state/ruling order, cannot allow themselves, it seems to me, to allow for too many people becoming of independent mind, and will (as history shows) work to see that such nonconformity becomes corralled (or ghettoed) or watered-down into the smallest, unthreatening terms possible. Some examples:

Angry racial minorities kept in ghettos believing that Racism is the fundamental problem, not the undercurrent which allows such roots to continually manifest in different forms.

All these tiny academic circles exploring radicals like Polanyi, Kuhn, Feyerabend, Huxley, Laing, and Fromm.

Tiny, yet highly mystified, groups using all sorts of mystifying names for themselves, i.e. cyberneticians.

Small groups of elite vanguardists keeping their ‘single issue’ reform measures intact at all costs (via such things as formal organization).

We see this situation and we act in a resistance of consciousness to understand it and realize the value of avoiding the traps in them, while seeing their value in bringing an overall insight into how broad the situation really is. We step back and look at all of this; we “connect the dots” on broad terms, and we see the value of tooling each of these insights as part of a coordinated strategy of “steps”. Not getting tooled in the end in the way these *single issue political games* have always been tooled (re: becoming a ghetto in their own right, and systematically watered down). And at the same time, not pushing away those whom have uncritically bought into such methods; after all, they are well-conditioned products of the System just as most of us have been–until we began waking up more deeply!

So, we wake up to the bigger picture. We “connect the dots”. We learn to tool the way the “Big Boys” do, while not getting stuck in the perpetual war of it all. And inside all of this, we realize the value of an informal method called resistance consciousness which needs no above-ground formal organizations, no “leaders”, no visibility except in times when the rulers engage in their coercive warfare.

The beauty of resistance consciousness is that it remains “underground” and “abstract”. It remains a tool, a root or heart-oriented understanding of the way the macro/meta institutions and their obedient lackeys systematically work. In its abstractness, it can be utilized when direct actions are desired, or when direct and indirect coercion needs to be avoided. Apparently, it can only be blocked when the whole society loses its freedom via an open police state; though, when we see the uprisings by the Jews and so many others in WWII, and the sustained challenge of the Palestinians, and every other forcefully occupied group on Earth, we see that there are many many possibilities.

The trap of violent resistance
The only thing I see hampering these known resisters (as spoken of above) is the situation of violence and the way in which state violence is not “nipped in the bud” early on. In every example of armed resistance today I see that the momentum of war has been allowed to germinate, and most often because of how political “leadership” plays its games. This isn’t to say that there aren’t other areas that are overlooked: An example of such would be the routine export of religious and social work professionals, whom do the early work of colonization by bringing in their uncritical and often internalized value systems.

“In the mainstream media, when journalists step out of line and challenge the powerful, their careers are quickly over. Conversely, if they behave themselves, reporting as the powerful want them to, they can count on a successful career. They may not be too consciously aware of the fate of their power-challenging brethren, or have rationalized it as some ethical breach that they made. If they are typical members of the herd, they internalize the values they have been taught (such as mainstream oncologists believing in chemotherapy, for instance ), and feel they are acting freely as they report their stories (or oncologists thinking that they are saving lives). They respond indignantly to the nearly unanswerable scholarship of Herman and Chomsky in Manufacturing Consent with “Nobody tells me what to write!” Not only are there rewards for playing the game properly, there are dire penalties for those who do not. As Dennis Lee once told me, put a man in a big enough cage, and he thinks he is free.”–from

Invividuals and groups becoming well-versed in the ways of subtle colonization techniques, and the well-fooled/tooled people who do their bidding, would know to avoid, or at least understand, the finer points of the meta politics of how smooth and well-financed manipulations of such professionals (with a job to do) have consistently worked to plant deceit. –Value systems which work in line with the larger war machine which has brought them there in the first place (either after covert or overt “destabilization” and other methods of warfare both focused abroad and domestically)!

Yet knowing and understanding the underlying menace of those tooled via their internalized value system begs the question of whether we should then have anything to do with such people, due to the reality that most of them probably cannot *wake up*; unless they are slapped in the face with the same kind of reality that first began waking us up.

Is it worth it for individuals and groups to undertake work seeking to bridge wtih these folks in meaningful ways? If you talk to groups like “Witnesses for Peace” (known for its observers sent into several Central American nations in times of US-sponsored covert action) you might be tempted. Still, organizations like this are working in a context that should be considered.

Perhaps the latest allegations of the Zapatista movement is a case that can bring lessons. They’ve engaged in armed defense when forced to, and have gone through the gamut of Mexican diplomatic warfare, and yet remain to take a non-statist, beyond-Leftism stance, if recent communiques from their excellently incommunicado head speaker are to be believed.

Anyway, I’m going to have to give this a rest for now, and ask that you realize the value of creative nonviolent interaction towards bridging when such is possible (and, in the u.s.a./Western nations, this is still quite possible, in my view). Alas, not every oppressed person (across the spectrum of left, right, center, and beyond) sees the value of nonviolent interaction *towards mutually beneficial outcomes*. This will have to be the discussion for the next section:

the crucial arts and “spanarchy”. (coming soon)

The “crucial arts” are meant to be an off-shoot of the ‘martial arts’. The crucial arts is a method towards realizing the value of escaping the trap of perpetual dichotomy found in the ‘martial arts’. Rhetoric aside, the ‘martial arts’ teach adherents to maim and/or kill opponents, and perpetuate the kind of “Us vs. Them” found in traditional notions of warfare.
The crucial arts, on the other hand, utilizes several forms to escape this problem/challenge:

Classical nonviolent strategy with aims to *tire* and otherwise distract a physically violent opponent into ways in which classic nonviolence can come into play–re: seeking bridging and possible friendship with individuals.

Resistance consciousness (including “intellectual self-defense” and “mass ju-jitsu”).

Militant creativity (?)

reply to hackblocked (?) pdxindymedia comment site

This in response to a comment by Naomi Wolf’s analysis of “Why Congress Wants You In Prison”

but the notion that congressmen and women are legislating their own companies’ profits is less widely known – and if the books were to be opened, they would surely reveal corruption on a Wall Street spectrum. Indeed, we do already know that congresspeople are massively profiting from trading on non-public information they have on companies about which they are legislating – a form of insider trading that sent Martha Stewart to jail.
I wonder if congress has long been under the heel of the men with guns? I mean, there is truth to a long string of covering up truth, from expositions in “Waco: The Rules of Engagement” (documentary film) to political attacks against scientific articles (at least one timely APA article was censured under threat of the loss of funding, and, presumably, legitimacy). I wonder, then, if the phenomenon might be like the naive social worker or police cadet (or foreign policeman/soldier) who enters these institutions only to find that reality is a lot different than they comprehended, and then find themselves being tooled. With no way out, seemingly, except by accepting bribes from industry. Hm?

A few token persons, say Cynthia McKinney, are allowed to appear to be mostly independent in their work (recall her involvement with the important “American Blackout” film about the 2004 election frauds)…but where it counts, well, that’s carefully blocked.

Possible? Any whistleblowers dare to speak?

Makes sense to me to try to get a broad-based understanding of the institutions of the most alienated country in the world…so that we may best find ways to truly evolve the situation in case the christians are right, and some sort of miracle will come about even as “armageddon” comes down…sure, perhaps irrational, but many many people believe, and that’s a self-fulfilling prophesy right there.

This isn’t to say i’m anti-spiritual, or pro-rational dogma, either. i just think that all these different poetic, metaphorical approaches to paradigm shift and new ways to become are important to think about carefully. So that we may build and keep some kind of bridge with each other, realizing the value!!!!

recent thinking and action

“Mercy shall overcome cruelty because it is divine.”–Kahil Gibran in Spirits Rebellious (book)

Been noting some recurring patterns and also some surprising possibilities.

Recurring patterns being that of the usual warfare anyone who’s half-self-educated into her(?)/history and knows “too much” of, i.e. political police-style exploitation of differences, et al. And, on the other hand, the realities that rear their ugly heads about just how off-balance, psychologically, most of us are, re: “psychological genocide”.  For example: how distrustful we are (in the context of having to struggle in all forms of daily life, across all class divides and beyond–i.e. living free is still quite illegal, unless you do it within the small corralls still apparently barely tolerated). Freedumb is Acceptable, but free, no, “freedumb isn’t free” as we’ve been Told.


On the positive side? Well, enjoy the following!

Spent my first few days at a new Occu-pie (now that the city hall group pacifisticly obeyed their eviction; as for myself? See other posts) listening to the vibes and then began to feel sufficiently motivated to begin steps towards what i call crucially interacting.

This was carried out first by passing out someone else’s pretty good fliers about some realities that i think a lot of people in this more privileged town are ignorant of…basically, the peeling back of our rights in Eureka. And that was a good way to “stretch out” the ol’ direct actionist in me, as i was soon back in shape (of old memories of doing same off and on) engaging people on that topic. Notably, i’d say 3/4 of those who took the flier were positive of about the 50 or so fliers i felt moved to pass out.

Next i began getting into some deeper stuff, so i guess passing out those fliers was a form of honoring to locals in these parts as well as a form of folk drill, eh? (I know, i know, those stuck at the “top” of the political police hierarchy will exploit this “intelligence”; but the way i see it is that their studies have long known this…and anyway, my intent here is to try to educate those who don’t know, okay?!!)

So that honoring gifted me reflections and the next thing i knew, i was out doing some preliminary “arting”. Carrying a “green” sign (no text) and engaging passerby on the topic of two subjects, both on the trajectory of heavenish-spirited (pick your poetic here!) paradigm shift:

A) The wind then blowing my art around was accepted and invited to “art with me”; and when my art might be found in the woods or across the courtyard and knee-jerkedly ASSUMED to be mere trash thoughtlessly and “irresponsibly tossed away”…i would articulately counter. With the insight that such is AN INTENDED SPIRIT OF DOING ART!! And messing with the assumptions we uncritically accept and often internalize!

B) Calling the Occu-pie area a “CHAMPION PROCESSING ZONE” and engaging passerby with the ideahz that THEY and WE are power. We are power in how we choose to “art ourselves” (or let others art us). And i began inviting and CHALLENGING passerby to explore exposing their CHAMPION spirits in a kind of processing.

Just before (or was it during?), i felt obligated to honor a very powerful spirit man. A man i’m calling Okie-la-homie, a Cherokee, apparently. The gifts he espoused intensely upon us forced us to strengthen our community resolve and respond with the bests of our abilities….which sadly apparently weren’t “enough” (except when one especially toughened man of similar age stood up and got a bit more “agro”)….and…well…The Same Old Again was applied, apparently, and the cops were called; but he may’ve gotten away before that (?)…or, perhaps it’s like “the news” said here–he was part of a group of four, “warned” away from the area for a week.

Maybe he was on Speed? He was drunk. And “stoned”; but i think mostly drunk. And maybe on some type of artificial (?) “drug” (psychiatrick???). i don’t know. i DO KNOW that his heart was blasting out his pain and no matter what we did to respond with care, he refused and kept us all up all night for at least 3 nights, maybe longer (but i got there for the first time on a Saturday).

On the other hand, lots of other scenarios are possible as well. But, my weakness is that i’m “in solidarity with informal humanity” and thus i walke “perfectly imperfectly”, seeking “the beautiful swan” within “the ugly duckling” energy of all. Even “grown men” getting up in age (Okie-la-homie is about to turn 40; obviously some “mid-life crisis” mixed in with other intense realities…whether stemming from his apparently dying relative, or a byproduct of beatings by cops, or being imprisoned in some way for too long…or some other such heavy shit.

Anyway, these are crucial things to chew on because we claim we are in solidarity with “the 99%”–and yet “when push comes to shove” we’re finding ourselves “protecting via restrictive” measures (likely an age-old colonial imperative planted in us), and giving very strong persons over to “the 1%”.

Think that one through!

All this “Us vs Them”, all this perpetuation of alienation, strengthening alienation!! All this giving away of our real powers to formal “authorities” (i.e. professional “experts” as we’ve been taught to believe). All these values which we haven’t thought through!!!

Anyway, so far, with about three weeks “under my belt” here, i will say it’s been an experience in surrealism. Half the time i get the feeling that people are engaging me in some sort of meta training…and the other half i get the vibe that this sad state of energy really is the best that can be found in post-Rollback suiciety today.

And now i’m using the very trojan horse (??) internet to try to convey my feelings! What a fool, eh?!! Well, apparently to have been born at all on this planet at this time was a damn fool thing to do (i recall my early childhood being one rife with sickness–perhaps these were my intuitive attempts to escape this hell planet early on…foiled by the needs of my mother to appear Successful or something equally cynical????? All i know is that i do love my mother and we do have some kind of major spiritual connection (she calls at the darndest times!!!)…and, well, i’ve been given gifts, you know, and well, yeah, i do have a purpose.

i just feel a lot like Okie-la-homie, except that i have taught myself to articulate myself better (i think) and can even walk through “the valley of the shadow of death” (as Okie-la-homie was saying at one point), “and fear no evil” [a.k.a. severe alienation]. i do it all the time, in fact.

i guess we all do to if you really get down to “brass tacks”; at the same time my walke is seriously much more intense and could go to the extreme of where Okie-la-homie has been. Except that my vision-questing (via many physical and psychological challenges over a lifetime, including recently living in Griz country this summer) has gifted me reflections that i think my Okie/Cherokee fellow human did not find.

He was articulate at times, tho. And did mention being a longterm hermit in the woods, and that was why (see, he was working things out!) he was like he was.

Anyway, for now he’s gone. Will he show up again? i wouldn’t be surprised. And if i get a chance, i’ll speak as the bridge-maker i feel drawn to be. i’ll advocate at the very least for the value of keeping some sort of “our best” bridge!!

Because if and when we avoid practicing “protection via strategies of enrichment”, we only fool ourselves!! i did tell my fellow human beings around me that, say, if there was a large tsunami, the intensity we’d be dealing with then would be enormous compared to anything Okie-la-homie could throw at us!!


The bottom line for me is that i think we’re getting tooled by all these things we’ve internalized and haven’t adequately thought through. And i think that even our strategies of response are already out-dated and quite obsolete, except when one wants to play at “doing something”, say, when seeking to teach the deeply programmed or protect younger generations while at the same time seeking to carefully help them wake up. Or something like that.

One strategy i see as outdated and obsolete is, i think, our tendency to rely on formal forms of organization and community. That is, getting together in ANY way on “issues” or “politics” or, for that matter, “realistic ways of engaging” severe alienation’s mindlock via “activism”… Okay, i think i’m touching on something there, but i also don’t really have “it” all figured out. So i hope/pray that you may try on these ideas and see how they feel for you and then if anything resonates, maybe you’ll experience an epiphany that i missed!?!


“It ain’t over til the skinny lady sings”: “New” Occupie!



mOM eARTh is our HOME! We are not ‘camping’!

Reality got to slapping too many of us in the face in its windy ways…even those of us whom hadn’t yet been caught living “too free” began to realize that our “luck” might not hold out forever and that maybe it was time to come out of the woodwork (so to speak!) and share our powers, our ways of seeing, our input.

At least a little. See how it goes. Seed a little here, a little there. And possibly touch the hearts of our fellow human beings wherever we might!


Many of us will seek the forests when the only choice we may have is shelter from the heavily institutional Red Cross, et al. But are we prepared enough?? Apparently from what i’ve experienced and read, many many Occupy communities are dealing with unprecedented levels of intensity. Some or much may likely be due to the sad reality of political police seeking to block our seeding and crush our momentum. But we also need to see that many human beings are also authentically off-balance. And that to play into the alienation that keeps such off-balance folks so (and worsening) will be detrimental!

“How we see what we see affects the quality of our reality,” goes wisdom from the Lakota people, and i wish to build onto that. i mentioned this amongst some of the occupy folks already, and i’ll try to pass it on as broadly as i may possibly do!!!! Off-balance folks, especially angry, anarchistic youth, are symptoms of the reality we live in; and they hold powerful gifts within their intensities–IF we give ourselves permission to see the puzzles that they (and we!) are!

We come into these action groups for reasons of the heart. Shall we toss away those heart-motions as soon as we are faced with challenge? Mundanely-challenged mindsets would like you to, apparently; “Misery Loves Company” after all. And a lot of pros would like to see the symptoms swept back into silence, i.e. via the Titticut Folly Syndrome (a.k.a. psychiatrick management)…and “let the pendulum swing back” to that stupidity again.

But we have power. Our Nuclearized families don’t know it, of course, and thus many of us don’t know this, that we all have power. That our power is crucial to the challenges we face!

How deep is your creative intelligence? How much shall you practice?

It’s almost 2012 and many people whom i respect speak of this time as the paradigm shifting time. Shall you wait and merely consume it when it gets its “10 minutes of fame” on your favorite Zone Out Media, or shall you be a part of her/history in experimenting with your bests on the cusp of this alleged change?

Crucial read:

page 65, Rolling Stone Magazine, Nov.24, 2011 where it says:

“…beginning to see another angle [about the Occupy Wall Street intention]. Occupy Wall Street was always about something much bigger than a movement against big banks and modern finance. It’s about providing a forum for people to show how tired they are not just of Wall Street, but everything. This is a visceral, impassioned, deep-seated rejection of the entire direction of our society, a refusal to take even one more step forward to the shallow commercial abyss of phoniness, short-term calculation, withered idealism and intellectual bankruptcy that American mass society has become. If there is such a thing as going on strike from one’s own culture, this is it.”

And, yes, the rest of the context in that article is very much worth reading!!!

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