“It ain’t over til the skinny lady sings”: “New” Occupie!



mOM eARTh is our HOME! We are not ‘camping’!

Reality got to slapping too many of us in the face in its windy ways…even those of us whom hadn’t yet been caught living “too free” began to realize that our “luck” might not hold out forever and that maybe it was time to come out of the woodwork (so to speak!) and share our powers, our ways of seeing, our input.

At least a little. See how it goes. Seed a little here, a little there. And possibly touch the hearts of our fellow human beings wherever we might!


Many of us will seek the forests when the only choice we may have is shelter from the heavily institutional Red Cross, et al. But are we prepared enough?? Apparently from what i’ve experienced and read, many many Occupy communities are dealing with unprecedented levels of intensity. Some or much may likely be due to the sad reality of political police seeking to block our seeding and crush our momentum. But we also need to see that many human beings are also authentically off-balance. And that to play into the alienation that keeps such off-balance folks so (and worsening) will be detrimental!

“How we see what we see affects the quality of our reality,” goes wisdom from the Lakota people, and i wish to build onto that. i mentioned this amongst some of the occupy folks already, and i’ll try to pass it on as broadly as i may possibly do!!!! Off-balance folks, especially angry, anarchistic youth, are symptoms of the reality we live in; and they hold powerful gifts within their intensities–IF we give ourselves permission to see the puzzles that they (and we!) are!

We come into these action groups for reasons of the heart. Shall we toss away those heart-motions as soon as we are faced with challenge? Mundanely-challenged mindsets would like you to, apparently; “Misery Loves Company” after all. And a lot of pros would like to see the symptoms swept back into silence, i.e. via the Titticut Folly Syndrome (a.k.a. psychiatrick management)…and “let the pendulum swing back” to that stupidity again.

But we have power. Our Nuclearized families don’t know it, of course, and thus many of us don’t know this, that we all have power. That our power is crucial to the challenges we face!

How deep is your creative intelligence? How much shall you practice?

It’s almost 2012 and many people whom i respect speak of this time as the paradigm shifting time. Shall you wait and merely consume it when it gets its “10 minutes of fame” on your favorite Zone Out Media, or shall you be a part of her/history in experimenting with your bests on the cusp of this alleged change?

Crucial read:

page 65, Rolling Stone Magazine, Nov.24, 2011 where it says:

“…beginning to see another angle [about the Occupy Wall Street intention]. Occupy Wall Street was always about something much bigger than a movement against big banks and modern finance. It’s about providing a forum for people to show how tired they are not just of Wall Street, but everything. This is a visceral, impassioned, deep-seated rejection of the entire direction of our society, a refusal to take even one more step forward to the shallow commercial abyss of phoniness, short-term calculation, withered idealism and intellectual bankruptcy that American mass society has become. If there is such a thing as going on strike from one’s own culture, this is it.”

And, yes, the rest of the context in that article is very much worth reading!!!

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Arcata Occupy under eviction and some background

Roughly written as “only one hour given per day to use computer, and public library computer is verrrrrrry slooooooooowwwwww.

One of the very few locals who i got even slightly close to just stopped in to inform me that eviction is happening this morning! (curiously, a youthful man wanted me to leave “the next morning” lastnight, not lastnight…coincidence? i knew it would be raining then, and also didn’t want to struggle through another night of chaos and coughing!!)

Friday note: Apparently tho they were taken by surprise by how quickly the eviction was carried out, no belongings were confiscated and everyone found a place to stay elsewhere. Steve (the cook) took off in the middle of the night and “took everything” according to Trish. Will be interesting to see how Fallstaff (a main voice given much credo in camp) and all those supporters will take this. Is Steve in contact with anyone? Turns out he was not a local…but that’s not so important, as neither am i.

The occupation still continues, but it’s not a camping thing anymore. i was invited to participate, but i bowed out, needing a good rest!

The run-down:

Cops showed up this morning (we had all been led to believe it would take “a few days” after getting the eviction notice Wednesday, i think it was), had “a dump truck” there to put in all of the occupiers’ belongings (this info proved to be misleading, said Trish with a group of protesters i happened upon while coming here), and…i forget the rest. My semi-good acquaintance, an elder named Rick, only stopped by, as i said.

Some background, “relavent” or “not”:

Lastnight’s “meeting” was a complete farce! First “we” tried to have it anyway, even tho in a half hour before the City Council Meeting in which many of us were going to speak up. Strange in itself!! How could we have any sort of adequate discussion, much less a whole meeting, in less then a half hour?????

Behind-the-scenes manipulation? You betcha. Likely for survival purposes (by local core activists), as well as the usual professional infiltrators. (As for me, being a ‘passerby’ who stayed over 2 weeks, i realize i had no “standing” in locals’ eyes, except maybe for the work i did–my art, and stuff, like the info booth, that i made happen; i do admit to being exhausted and imperfect, and even stupid at times, etc.! Tho i DID expect candid communications which NEVER happened; i think we occupiers were viewed generally as Stupid or something along those lines.)

Well, the first item on the agenda was the enforcement of our previous meeting’s decision –which was being obviously ignored by Steve. He gathered a constituency of people i’d never seen and whom remained NOT IN THE MEETING but standing, talking, on the outskirts! Then when the vote came, Steve pushed them hard to vote for him, WHEN THEY HAD NOT AT ALL HEARD THE VOICES OF THOSE WHOM HAD BEEN ABUSED BY STEVE’S Ways.

Steve/a.k.a. “Mel Kesey”/Trenchcoat, not a local, but apparently on the scene for only about 2 weeks (!), had just been voted to stay with his leadership and kitchen after several people tried to protest his manipulative and authoritarian ways–which have a way of running people off. He also chose to defend himself in only the most irrational ways–i.e. saying that “a bitch” (Trish, whom had also been one of those daring to get arrested) was “trying to run [him] off.” The fact is, we wanted him to step down from his tyrannical position! To put his ‘ego’ aside for a few days, and let others step up. Note that the original plan to try alternatives was thought up by a young man (and woman) WHOM HE HAD ORIGINALLY RECRUITED!!!

Example of abuse: A young man (who’d actually been arrested previously for the cause) had sought to ask Steve a question, but Steve, in oft form, jumped all over him with aggressive hype. i was in the next tent over so i heard this one.

The young man was flummoxed and left fuming. He told me later that Steve has a way of not allowing mornings to be any fun, in his ways of underhanded actions. (A curious truth in light of Steve, being one of those who ‘recruited’ me to the site originally, saying how much he wanted to ‘have Fun’…apparently in a one-sided way)

Good Sleep, Not Working? Ha!

Thought i’d post some text i wrote (and shared in my messy street art gallery) about a week ago, at least. I’m out of the encampment now, but i have my notes (left lastnight after a farce of a meeting!).

“Why do you believe that 150,000,000 people [the 99%] are ‘lazy’ and not that 400 people [the 1%] are greedy?”–sign seen in national media.

We don’t quit jus’ cuz it starts getting tough.

Good sleep you choose to believe?

No good sleep for us defenders of liberty up here on City Hall Hill. Cars honk at all hours; some, done in daytime are lovely, obviously with us; others, thru-out the night, just when things are quieting down (!), and then in the wee hours of the morn, honk in obvious spite.

Noisy vehicles choose to go up the road we are on… Flailing youth and college-seeming-jocks stop by and yell shit, moving fast, never stopping. One night, a group of them called out for “trenchcoat”, the elder man who runs our kitchen. I yelled in response, and they backed down (i didn’t even have to get out of my tent!). “Trenchcoat” (a.k.a. “Mel Kesey” as he says he goes by online) thanked me profusely later.

Excited folks, in fear, or working through it, yell their attempts at depth, at meaning.

Self-medicating beer-drunkards stop in, eyes widened, seeking to apparently escalate intensities…for true needs (?) …or ulterior payment…?

We engage. A few of us. A handful compared to the number of campers. It’s always this way. A handful get the work done, the others, often youthful (late teens, early 20s) ignore us with a passion.

i engaged quite a few:

Three drunkards claiming they had recently come from the Eureka melee stopped in one night. i engaged them, seeking to keep their tone toned down. Two seemed especially ready to escalate things in an irresponsible way (not anarchic, mind you, but chaotic, in the middle of the night, while drunk!). One spoke readily about waiting for “the first punch”; when a youthful volunteer in a mask (“Billy”) approached, apparently to support me, this drunk man got aggressive and tried to get right up in “Billy’s” face. i intervened, with nonviolent tact, putting my face and body in between them, not looking at them, but affectively blocking any fight.

A few nights later, a self-professed ex-military sergeant sat, multiple nights, castigating us. i appeared to be first to walk across the street and engage him; he apparently sought to make our night difficult by loudly, and drunkenly, keeping us awake, trying to provoke. Well, i suggested another paradigm of approach, and it seemed to work!

That such a man, dedicated so, calling himself “occupying the occupation”, was in fact a champion of sorts. And if we puzzled through his challenge? Gifts of his power!

Well, several of our campmates who don’t usually involve themselves involved themselves on the third night he challenged. i was too tired to go out, tho laid there awake. And they were successful! Their intuitive approach, street style, made peace with this guy (whom had earlier been arrested by the quick-to-call-the-police “Trenchcoat”)!

Well, wouldn’t you know it, but the Nice ™ Arcata cops made a curious presence the next morning. At that location.


You project upon us ‘cuz we’re not conforming to what you Have To Do??? Hurling insults on the fly as they speed by, apparently too scared to stop and be neighborly??!! Cowardly holding onto drunkenness as the only way to even try to engage us!

Wives (?) or girlfriends (?) of angry-ized policy implementers (?) heard on officialized party nights (slave weekends), then, on weekdays, just honks or hardly audible (or articulate) taunts.

A bit ‘affectionate’ bar-talk-ese calling us ‘Bums’, et al, for DARING to risk bureaucratic hellish. For daring to stand for our liberty and living free! And WORKING with informal humanity!

You say ‘Get A Job’, a ‘life’, well, we got it rite HERE kids!


THEN YOU HURL OUR LACK OF ‘PROFESSIONAL’, ‘COHERENT’, AND ‘EFFICEINT’. While we’re harried out of a good sleep! A trickle of community inreach! And so much other chaotic symptom tweak!

Informally we care and rotationally we could persist, realizin’ the value!

N14-15 GZ

GZ: “Ground Zero”, Arcata Occupy.

Lastnight, a powerful champion (ranked sergeant in the military that he apparently was recently discharged from) made a second night out of “harrassing” our occupiers as they tried to sleep. A previous night (2 nights ago?…it’s a kind of blur…) this same guy had sat across the street pitching various kinds of comments that we think he knows will irk us. But what is he really about?? A COINTEL OP? What if he’s for real, tho? What if his method is self-taught like the rest of us?? What if there are gifts in his intense dissent, and if we realize the value of exploring–with him–may find that they may flower –ruffian style!

The first night this champ challenged us the cops were called and he was arrested! He was publicly drinking. He was ornery. And according to the others who take it upon themselves to openly “watch” our “border”, “not listening” to any of the bests attempted.

Now, before that, i had gone over, barefoot, wearing my “spirit shawl” (an honoring to indigenous peoples) and engaged him. Apparently i was the first. i mentioned that he should come over by us and speak, tho i emphasized when he’s sober! (We have been challenged almost every night by “drunkards”–differently cultured puzzle folks utilizing drink as their folk medication, having no aid from others in any meaningful sense…)

Well, he came over, but i missed knowing about it (i would have been sitting over there being part of our community’s responses!). i only realized it when the cops came and were taking him away.

i was exhausted…and yet now, after almost two weeks of such (with no outside rest), i’ve apparently “acclimatized” to this energy!

Anyway, all this is convoluted because i don’t have time to edit! So hope you’ll bear with me, and in the future i may get access to a better system…?

We’re also having challenges with the way we’ve designed our kitchen situation so far. So i have an idea and we’ll be bringing it up at the next meeting. With intent to hold onto inclusion as much as possible!

A lot of us i think just generally are used to be “solo” champions, on solo-paths, and if we’re “unlike every other” camp in the occupy movement as some locals seem to think (and judge in status-quo-like ways), then i say that’s a GOOD thing. Our power is in building our communal strength!

If we’re not “active” like non-residing members of the larger community  (whom have, we assume, stable homes and the balance that can come with it) want, then that’s okay! Because we’re active differently! We’re focused “perfectly imperfectly” at a place that HAS to be.

To conclude? Puzzles. We are all puzzles. We are all “ugly duckling” “adults” with champions cloistered often secretly within the armor we need to survive (on the street and beyond); sharing only when we feel like someone/authentic community will WANT to hear!

And i’m really not so sure that any status-quo approach to such puzzles is going to “work”; that includes Left/Liberal approaches as i’ve experienced them (being a similar patterned “animal” regardless of place).

Discussion welcomed in person!

–my name is aRtz b’twEEn! i am a “walk between” who walks between the paradigms and other borders, aiming to keep the organic glues in place!

input from Arcata Occupy, N15

Hello, i am a travelling “fool” visionary who has stopped now for two weeks (and counting) in Arcata, after being “recruited” informally by several persons when i stopped in town for about two days… i’ll share a little more background another time, perhaps, but for now, let’s just say my comments come in a context of being “in solidarity with informal humanity” with a desire to make meaningful connections in big picture ways…

Anyway, i realize that some kind of regular communication/input is needed for we “at ground zero” to share with our communities and those intending to visit and/or stay longer.

Cough city is an apt name btw. Smokers galore, all coughing through-out the nights. Where snoring is lost in the coughing! (Can you believe it?!?)

Um, due to only having an hour of use of public services, this blog will often be a kind of “listing” of arising situations; and my intention for sharing about needing to analyze these kinds of challenging situations while seeking input internally (and not expecting any here!).

Constant “up and down” kind of energy. People over-reaching their limits. People not practiced in such, or “rough around the edges”.

Dissenters systematically challenging especially in the wee hours of the night, letting loose their true (tho crusty-ass) feelings and experiences via “revolutionary disruption” (my words); champions in a sense! Communicating real depth, or merely projecting, but, if we step back from the “drama” and see, we can “re-see” such intensities –even beyond political policing dimensions, i think!

If we begin seeing each other as champions doing our bests (!) and articulate such..? –i see openings! i see sanity where off-balance has a way of being tooled by covert actors. IF we approach such dissent more creatively, more radically.

Covert actors want us to have their intensity occupy us, and they utilize our off-balance (“natural” in u.s. reality), and try to get it to work against our excellence. But if we educate ourselves about these realities and then do a little “jiu-jitsu” with them, we can replace the Fear, Inc. being planted in us (even deeper than the “natural” programming) with “radical’s radical” sanity approaches.

i think of a metaphor brought up by one of the sisters: The Lost Dudes and Peter Pan (who’s played by the Sister)…

i think of the cacaphony of intensities in which all we super heros (!) have been beset with, and which have largely tooled us into getting stuck in “fighting” amongst ourselves.

So, anyway, this will be a “report” of sortz from someone dedicated to building our momentum on broad terms. Willing to experience the gamut (?) of political policing, and, tho only “here” two weeks now, feeling strong about having crucial input.

For now, if you want, see what i’m oriented to by reading my other blogs; especially my “visionary 4 evolution” blog.

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