input from Arcata Occupy, N15

Hello, i am a travelling “fool” visionary who has stopped now for two weeks (and counting) in Arcata, after being “recruited” informally by several persons when i stopped in town for about two days… i’ll share a little more background another time, perhaps, but for now, let’s just say my comments come in a context of being “in solidarity with informal humanity” with a desire to make meaningful connections in big picture ways…

Anyway, i realize that some kind of regular communication/input is needed for we “at ground zero” to share with our communities and those intending to visit and/or stay longer.

Cough city is an apt name btw. Smokers galore, all coughing through-out the nights. Where snoring is lost in the coughing! (Can you believe it?!?)

Um, due to only having an hour of use of public services, this blog will often be a kind of “listing” of arising situations; and my intention for sharing about needing to analyze these kinds of challenging situations while seeking input internally (and not expecting any here!).

Constant “up and down” kind of energy. People over-reaching their limits. People not practiced in such, or “rough around the edges”.

Dissenters systematically challenging especially in the wee hours of the night, letting loose their true (tho crusty-ass) feelings and experiences via “revolutionary disruption” (my words); champions in a sense! Communicating real depth, or merely projecting, but, if we step back from the “drama” and see, we can “re-see” such intensities –even beyond political policing dimensions, i think!

If we begin seeing each other as champions doing our bests (!) and articulate such..? –i see openings! i see sanity where off-balance has a way of being tooled by covert actors. IF we approach such dissent more creatively, more radically.

Covert actors want us to have their intensity occupy us, and they utilize our off-balance (“natural” in u.s. reality), and try to get it to work against our excellence. But if we educate ourselves about these realities and then do a little “jiu-jitsu” with them, we can replace the Fear, Inc. being planted in us (even deeper than the “natural” programming) with “radical’s radical” sanity approaches.

i think of a metaphor brought up by one of the sisters: The Lost Dudes and Peter Pan (who’s played by the Sister)…

i think of the cacaphony of intensities in which all we super heros (!) have been beset with, and which have largely tooled us into getting stuck in “fighting” amongst ourselves.

So, anyway, this will be a “report” of sortz from someone dedicated to building our momentum on broad terms. Willing to experience the gamut (?) of political policing, and, tho only “here” two weeks now, feeling strong about having crucial input.

For now, if you want, see what i’m oriented to by reading my other blogs; especially my “visionary 4 evolution” blog.


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