N14-15 GZ

GZ: “Ground Zero”, Arcata Occupy.

Lastnight, a powerful champion (ranked sergeant in the military that he apparently was recently discharged from) made a second night out of “harrassing” our occupiers as they tried to sleep. A previous night (2 nights ago?…it’s a kind of blur…) this same guy had sat across the street pitching various kinds of comments that we think he knows will irk us. But what is he really about?? A COINTEL OP? What if he’s for real, tho? What if his method is self-taught like the rest of us?? What if there are gifts in his intense dissent, and if we realize the value of exploring–with him–may find that they may flower –ruffian style!

The first night this champ challenged us the cops were called and he was arrested! He was publicly drinking. He was ornery. And according to the others who take it upon themselves to openly “watch” our “border”, “not listening” to any of the bests attempted.

Now, before that, i had gone over, barefoot, wearing my “spirit shawl” (an honoring to indigenous peoples) and engaged him. Apparently i was the first. i mentioned that he should come over by us and speak, tho i emphasized when he’s sober! (We have been challenged almost every night by “drunkards”–differently cultured puzzle folks utilizing drink as their folk medication, having no aid from others in any meaningful sense…)

Well, he came over, but i missed knowing about it (i would have been sitting over there being part of our community’s responses!). i only realized it when the cops came and were taking him away.

i was exhausted…and yet now, after almost two weeks of such (with no outside rest), i’ve apparently “acclimatized” to this energy!

Anyway, all this is convoluted because i don’t have time to edit! So hope you’ll bear with me, and in the future i may get access to a better system…?

We’re also having challenges with the way we’ve designed our kitchen situation so far. So i have an idea and we’ll be bringing it up at the next meeting. With intent to hold onto inclusion as much as possible!

A lot of us i think just generally are used to be “solo” champions, on solo-paths, and if we’re “unlike every other” camp in the occupy movement as some locals seem to think (and judge in status-quo-like ways), then i say that’s a GOOD thing. Our power is in building our communal strength!

If we’re not “active” like non-residing members of the larger community  (whom have, we assume, stable homes and the balance that can come with it) want, then that’s okay! Because we’re active differently! We’re focused “perfectly imperfectly” at a place that HAS to be.

To conclude? Puzzles. We are all puzzles. We are all “ugly duckling” “adults” with champions cloistered often secretly within the armor we need to survive (on the street and beyond); sharing only when we feel like someone/authentic community will WANT to hear!

And i’m really not so sure that any status-quo approach to such puzzles is going to “work”; that includes Left/Liberal approaches as i’ve experienced them (being a similar patterned “animal” regardless of place).

Discussion welcomed in person!

–my name is aRtz b’twEEn! i am a “walk between” who walks between the paradigms and other borders, aiming to keep the organic glues in place!


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