Arcata Occupy under eviction and some background

Roughly written as “only one hour given per day to use computer, and public library computer is verrrrrrry slooooooooowwwwww.

One of the very few locals who i got even slightly close to just stopped in to inform me that eviction is happening this morning! (curiously, a youthful man wanted me to leave “the next morning” lastnight, not lastnight…coincidence? i knew it would be raining then, and also didn’t want to struggle through another night of chaos and coughing!!)

Friday note: Apparently tho they were taken by surprise by how quickly the eviction was carried out, no belongings were confiscated and everyone found a place to stay elsewhere. Steve (the cook) took off in the middle of the night and “took everything” according to Trish. Will be interesting to see how Fallstaff (a main voice given much credo in camp) and all those supporters will take this. Is Steve in contact with anyone? Turns out he was not a local…but that’s not so important, as neither am i.

The occupation still continues, but it’s not a camping thing anymore. i was invited to participate, but i bowed out, needing a good rest!

The run-down:

Cops showed up this morning (we had all been led to believe it would take “a few days” after getting the eviction notice Wednesday, i think it was), had “a dump truck” there to put in all of the occupiers’ belongings (this info proved to be misleading, said Trish with a group of protesters i happened upon while coming here), and…i forget the rest. My semi-good acquaintance, an elder named Rick, only stopped by, as i said.

Some background, “relavent” or “not”:

Lastnight’s “meeting” was a complete farce! First “we” tried to have it anyway, even tho in a half hour before the City Council Meeting in which many of us were going to speak up. Strange in itself!! How could we have any sort of adequate discussion, much less a whole meeting, in less then a half hour?????

Behind-the-scenes manipulation? You betcha. Likely for survival purposes (by local core activists), as well as the usual professional infiltrators. (As for me, being a ‘passerby’ who stayed over 2 weeks, i realize i had no “standing” in locals’ eyes, except maybe for the work i did–my art, and stuff, like the info booth, that i made happen; i do admit to being exhausted and imperfect, and even stupid at times, etc.! Tho i DID expect candid communications which NEVER happened; i think we occupiers were viewed generally as Stupid or something along those lines.)

Well, the first item on the agenda was the enforcement of our previous meeting’s decision –which was being obviously ignored by Steve. He gathered a constituency of people i’d never seen and whom remained NOT IN THE MEETING but standing, talking, on the outskirts! Then when the vote came, Steve pushed them hard to vote for him, WHEN THEY HAD NOT AT ALL HEARD THE VOICES OF THOSE WHOM HAD BEEN ABUSED BY STEVE’S Ways.

Steve/a.k.a. “Mel Kesey”/Trenchcoat, not a local, but apparently on the scene for only about 2 weeks (!), had just been voted to stay with his leadership and kitchen after several people tried to protest his manipulative and authoritarian ways–which have a way of running people off. He also chose to defend himself in only the most irrational ways–i.e. saying that “a bitch” (Trish, whom had also been one of those daring to get arrested) was “trying to run [him] off.” The fact is, we wanted him to step down from his tyrannical position! To put his ‘ego’ aside for a few days, and let others step up. Note that the original plan to try alternatives was thought up by a young man (and woman) WHOM HE HAD ORIGINALLY RECRUITED!!!

Example of abuse: A young man (who’d actually been arrested previously for the cause) had sought to ask Steve a question, but Steve, in oft form, jumped all over him with aggressive hype. i was in the next tent over so i heard this one.

The young man was flummoxed and left fuming. He told me later that Steve has a way of not allowing mornings to be any fun, in his ways of underhanded actions. (A curious truth in light of Steve, being one of those who ‘recruited’ me to the site originally, saying how much he wanted to ‘have Fun’…apparently in a one-sided way)


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