Good Sleep, Not Working? Ha!

Thought i’d post some text i wrote (and shared in my messy street art gallery) about a week ago, at least. I’m out of the encampment now, but i have my notes (left lastnight after a farce of a meeting!).

“Why do you believe that 150,000,000 people [the 99%] are ‘lazy’ and not that 400 people [the 1%] are greedy?”–sign seen in national media.

We don’t quit jus’ cuz it starts getting tough.

Good sleep you choose to believe?

No good sleep for us defenders of liberty up here on City Hall Hill. Cars honk at all hours; some, done in daytime are lovely, obviously with us; others, thru-out the night, just when things are quieting down (!), and then in the wee hours of the morn, honk in obvious spite.

Noisy vehicles choose to go up the road we are on… Flailing youth and college-seeming-jocks stop by and yell shit, moving fast, never stopping. One night, a group of them called out for “trenchcoat”, the elder man who runs our kitchen. I yelled in response, and they backed down (i didn’t even have to get out of my tent!). “Trenchcoat” (a.k.a. “Mel Kesey” as he says he goes by online) thanked me profusely later.

Excited folks, in fear, or working through it, yell their attempts at depth, at meaning.

Self-medicating beer-drunkards stop in, eyes widened, seeking to apparently escalate intensities…for true needs (?) …or ulterior payment…?

We engage. A few of us. A handful compared to the number of campers. It’s always this way. A handful get the work done, the others, often youthful (late teens, early 20s) ignore us with a passion.

i engaged quite a few:

Three drunkards claiming they had recently come from the Eureka melee stopped in one night. i engaged them, seeking to keep their tone toned down. Two seemed especially ready to escalate things in an irresponsible way (not anarchic, mind you, but chaotic, in the middle of the night, while drunk!). One spoke readily about waiting for “the first punch”; when a youthful volunteer in a mask (“Billy”) approached, apparently to support me, this drunk man got aggressive and tried to get right up in “Billy’s” face. i intervened, with nonviolent tact, putting my face and body in between them, not looking at them, but affectively blocking any fight.

A few nights later, a self-professed ex-military sergeant sat, multiple nights, castigating us. i appeared to be first to walk across the street and engage him; he apparently sought to make our night difficult by loudly, and drunkenly, keeping us awake, trying to provoke. Well, i suggested another paradigm of approach, and it seemed to work!

That such a man, dedicated so, calling himself “occupying the occupation”, was in fact a champion of sorts. And if we puzzled through his challenge? Gifts of his power!

Well, several of our campmates who don’t usually involve themselves involved themselves on the third night he challenged. i was too tired to go out, tho laid there awake. And they were successful! Their intuitive approach, street style, made peace with this guy (whom had earlier been arrested by the quick-to-call-the-police “Trenchcoat”)!

Well, wouldn’t you know it, but the Nice ™ Arcata cops made a curious presence the next morning. At that location.


You project upon us ‘cuz we’re not conforming to what you Have To Do??? Hurling insults on the fly as they speed by, apparently too scared to stop and be neighborly??!! Cowardly holding onto drunkenness as the only way to even try to engage us!

Wives (?) or girlfriends (?) of angry-ized policy implementers (?) heard on officialized party nights (slave weekends), then, on weekdays, just honks or hardly audible (or articulate) taunts.

A bit ‘affectionate’ bar-talk-ese calling us ‘Bums’, et al, for DARING to risk bureaucratic hellish. For daring to stand for our liberty and living free! And WORKING with informal humanity!

You say ‘Get A Job’, a ‘life’, well, we got it rite HERE kids!


THEN YOU HURL OUR LACK OF ‘PROFESSIONAL’, ‘COHERENT’, AND ‘EFFICEINT’. While we’re harried out of a good sleep! A trickle of community inreach! And so much other chaotic symptom tweak!

Informally we care and rotationally we could persist, realizin’ the value!


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