recent thinking and action

“Mercy shall overcome cruelty because it is divine.”–Kahil Gibran in Spirits Rebellious (book)

Been noting some recurring patterns and also some surprising possibilities.

Recurring patterns being that of the usual warfare anyone who’s half-self-educated into her(?)/history and knows “too much” of, i.e. political police-style exploitation of differences, et al. And, on the other hand, the realities that rear their ugly heads about just how off-balance, psychologically, most of us are, re: “psychological genocide”.  For example: how distrustful we are (in the context of having to struggle in all forms of daily life, across all class divides and beyond–i.e. living free is still quite illegal, unless you do it within the small corralls still apparently barely tolerated). Freedumb is Acceptable, but free, no, “freedumb isn’t free” as we’ve been Told.


On the positive side? Well, enjoy the following!

Spent my first few days at a new Occu-pie (now that the city hall group pacifisticly obeyed their eviction; as for myself? See other posts) listening to the vibes and then began to feel sufficiently motivated to begin steps towards what i call crucially interacting.

This was carried out first by passing out someone else’s pretty good fliers about some realities that i think a lot of people in this more privileged town are ignorant of…basically, the peeling back of our rights in Eureka. And that was a good way to “stretch out” the ol’ direct actionist in me, as i was soon back in shape (of old memories of doing same off and on) engaging people on that topic. Notably, i’d say 3/4 of those who took the flier were positive of about the 50 or so fliers i felt moved to pass out.

Next i began getting into some deeper stuff, so i guess passing out those fliers was a form of honoring to locals in these parts as well as a form of folk drill, eh? (I know, i know, those stuck at the “top” of the political police hierarchy will exploit this “intelligence”; but the way i see it is that their studies have long known this…and anyway, my intent here is to try to educate those who don’t know, okay?!!)

So that honoring gifted me reflections and the next thing i knew, i was out doing some preliminary “arting”. Carrying a “green” sign (no text) and engaging passerby on the topic of two subjects, both on the trajectory of heavenish-spirited (pick your poetic here!) paradigm shift:

A) The wind then blowing my art around was accepted and invited to “art with me”; and when my art might be found in the woods or across the courtyard and knee-jerkedly ASSUMED to be mere trash thoughtlessly and “irresponsibly tossed away”…i would articulately counter. With the insight that such is AN INTENDED SPIRIT OF DOING ART!! And messing with the assumptions we uncritically accept and often internalize!

B) Calling the Occu-pie area a “CHAMPION PROCESSING ZONE” and engaging passerby with the ideahz that THEY and WE are power. We are power in how we choose to “art ourselves” (or let others art us). And i began inviting and CHALLENGING passerby to explore exposing their CHAMPION spirits in a kind of processing.

Just before (or was it during?), i felt obligated to honor a very powerful spirit man. A man i’m calling Okie-la-homie, a Cherokee, apparently. The gifts he espoused intensely upon us forced us to strengthen our community resolve and respond with the bests of our abilities….which sadly apparently weren’t “enough” (except when one especially toughened man of similar age stood up and got a bit more “agro”)….and…well…The Same Old Again was applied, apparently, and the cops were called; but he may’ve gotten away before that (?)…or, perhaps it’s like “the news” said here–he was part of a group of four, “warned” away from the area for a week.

Maybe he was on Speed? He was drunk. And “stoned”; but i think mostly drunk. And maybe on some type of artificial (?) “drug” (psychiatrick???). i don’t know. i DO KNOW that his heart was blasting out his pain and no matter what we did to respond with care, he refused and kept us all up all night for at least 3 nights, maybe longer (but i got there for the first time on a Saturday).

On the other hand, lots of other scenarios are possible as well. But, my weakness is that i’m “in solidarity with informal humanity” and thus i walke “perfectly imperfectly”, seeking “the beautiful swan” within “the ugly duckling” energy of all. Even “grown men” getting up in age (Okie-la-homie is about to turn 40; obviously some “mid-life crisis” mixed in with other intense realities…whether stemming from his apparently dying relative, or a byproduct of beatings by cops, or being imprisoned in some way for too long…or some other such heavy shit.

Anyway, these are crucial things to chew on because we claim we are in solidarity with “the 99%”–and yet “when push comes to shove” we’re finding ourselves “protecting via restrictive” measures (likely an age-old colonial imperative planted in us), and giving very strong persons over to “the 1%”.

Think that one through!

All this “Us vs Them”, all this perpetuation of alienation, strengthening alienation!! All this giving away of our real powers to formal “authorities” (i.e. professional “experts” as we’ve been taught to believe). All these values which we haven’t thought through!!!

Anyway, so far, with about three weeks “under my belt” here, i will say it’s been an experience in surrealism. Half the time i get the feeling that people are engaging me in some sort of meta training…and the other half i get the vibe that this sad state of energy really is the best that can be found in post-Rollback suiciety today.

And now i’m using the very trojan horse (??) internet to try to convey my feelings! What a fool, eh?!! Well, apparently to have been born at all on this planet at this time was a damn fool thing to do (i recall my early childhood being one rife with sickness–perhaps these were my intuitive attempts to escape this hell planet early on…foiled by the needs of my mother to appear Successful or something equally cynical????? All i know is that i do love my mother and we do have some kind of major spiritual connection (she calls at the darndest times!!!)…and, well, i’ve been given gifts, you know, and well, yeah, i do have a purpose.

i just feel a lot like Okie-la-homie, except that i have taught myself to articulate myself better (i think) and can even walk through “the valley of the shadow of death” (as Okie-la-homie was saying at one point), “and fear no evil” [a.k.a. severe alienation]. i do it all the time, in fact.

i guess we all do to if you really get down to “brass tacks”; at the same time my walke is seriously much more intense and could go to the extreme of where Okie-la-homie has been. Except that my vision-questing (via many physical and psychological challenges over a lifetime, including recently living in Griz country this summer) has gifted me reflections that i think my Okie/Cherokee fellow human did not find.

He was articulate at times, tho. And did mention being a longterm hermit in the woods, and that was why (see, he was working things out!) he was like he was.

Anyway, for now he’s gone. Will he show up again? i wouldn’t be surprised. And if i get a chance, i’ll speak as the bridge-maker i feel drawn to be. i’ll advocate at the very least for the value of keeping some sort of “our best” bridge!!

Because if and when we avoid practicing “protection via strategies of enrichment”, we only fool ourselves!! i did tell my fellow human beings around me that, say, if there was a large tsunami, the intensity we’d be dealing with then would be enormous compared to anything Okie-la-homie could throw at us!!


The bottom line for me is that i think we’re getting tooled by all these things we’ve internalized and haven’t adequately thought through. And i think that even our strategies of response are already out-dated and quite obsolete, except when one wants to play at “doing something”, say, when seeking to teach the deeply programmed or protect younger generations while at the same time seeking to carefully help them wake up. Or something like that.

One strategy i see as outdated and obsolete is, i think, our tendency to rely on formal forms of organization and community. That is, getting together in ANY way on “issues” or “politics” or, for that matter, “realistic ways of engaging” severe alienation’s mindlock via “activism”… Okay, i think i’m touching on something there, but i also don’t really have “it” all figured out. So i hope/pray that you may try on these ideas and see how they feel for you and then if anything resonates, maybe you’ll experience an epiphany that i missed!?!



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