How cough city stopped coughing

For awhile there at my first Occupy experience, everyone around me was coughing, coughing up a storm! Well, i introduced Mullien to all. For a few more days there was coughing, and then, miracle of miracles, wow, quite silent!! So, i want to highly recommend Mullien, smoked, or in a tea. Look it up on any natrual herbal remedy sourcebook!

Anyway, i think this will be the last post on this blog, unless i feel like reminiscing about the Occupy’s i was at. But most likely, i’ll focus on the blog whose link is posted in the post below.



This blog now changing over to Unsettles Occupy

Take a look at the updated version of this blog, today!

Basically, the focus of this new blog will be analysis of challenges facing occupiers, especially on the topic of how our programming tends to tool us. As well as “trying on” the input of unsettle groups such as unsettleportland or unsettling america. Trying on such, and “feeling such out”.

Hope you’ll check it out!

See also, the blog i’m putting most energy into on an ongoing basis.